Improve your climber skills and reach the top of each bouldering problems.

Use your mouse to drag-and-drop your feet and hands on holds to grab them.

Start with begginers levels to increase your characteristics, and finish all the 13 problems. Don't forget to manage your stats in the Level menu !
Look for help in the main menu for more information.

This game was made for the Weekly game jam 146. I hope you will have fun with it, it was pretty fun (and exhausting) to do...

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tagschallenging, climbing, Pixel Art

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Pretty great! I'm liking this a lot! :)

Thanks a lot! Glad people are still playing it and enjoying!


actually amazing!

Closest feeling of the real thing captured in a game

Hehe thank you ! Although there is definitely room for improvement in terms of realism, but I'm glad that it does feel like bouldering indeed

won the game


Very well done


Surprisingly realistic! Lacks some dynos though (just kidding). ;)

Haha, Thanks ! Tho you could almost dyno by removing every limb from the wall except one and throwing the guy using this last limb, but you gonna need really strong stats I guess..

Wow! I hadn't thought of that. Foot swapping saved my life more than once. It's really amazing how real bouldering techniques work in your game. Congratulations!

Great game, it is really impressive how simple and fun it is


Thanks a lot for trying it, it reminds me that  I still have some rework to do on this game to to simplify character upgrades especially...


nice game, well done with the difficulty

I just got ripped of all the part of the guy)))

Nice game, i love the retro look. It's also challenging. Love it.